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My name is Cristiana Carta. I was born and grown up in Italy where I graduated in Clinical Psychology.


In 2011 I moved to Amsterdam which has become my second home. Here I went on developing myself and specialized as a licensed psychologist with the Master in Clinical Neuropsychology. Also I achieved my post-academic studies in Psychotherapie (CBT, EMDR, Schematherapy and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy).


In the last 21 years, since 2003, I have dedicated myself to training, clinical experience, clinical work and specializations in Clinical Neuropsychology, Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. I also have a medical training and work experience in the medical field, which I acquired at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Genoa and at the San Martino Hospital in the same city.

As of Jan 2014 I’ve practiced as a Psychologist in Amsterdam, treating clients in different mental health-care settings.

In October 2018 I’ve decided to found Carta Coaching here in Amsterdam besides practicing as Psychologist.

From 2020 on my practice has been extended to Carta Coaching & Therapy, this way I can provide you with a broader variety of services such as: psychological care, psychosocial therapy and integrative psychotherapy.


My therapies are also partly refunded by the Dutch healthcare insurances and fully by the European healthcare insurances.


All sessions are available in 3 languages: Dutch, English and Italian.



What's my therapeutical and coaching-style about?


I easily make contact with people. Quite soon I notice which are your functioning sides in thinking, feeling and behaving, but also what’s blocking or sabotaging you. An open and direct no-nonsense attitude combined with an integrative approach characterizes my way to work.


My goal is to keep on challenging you and to guide you in developing your own strength. I accomplish this through an initial phase where we get to know each other and get used one to another, also I do apply experiential technics, give you assignments, behavioral experiments and feeedback. All of this with respect, solid professional skills and humor.


My broad experience as a psychologist combined with the application of several evidence-based technics help me in effectively guiding you towards reaching your goals.


Among others I apply these methods:


- Schema-focused therapy

- Sensorimotor Psychotherapy


- Insight-giving therapy

- Cognitive behavioral therapy

- Schema-focused coaching

- Experiential technics 

- Cognitive behavioral-oriented coaching

- Solutions-focused coaching

- Walking-coaching

- Assertiveness training

- Communication-skills training

In case of digital sessions, you’ll get a personal link to the meeting room prior to each session.

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Costs & Refund


Psychological Care and Therapy

In short

  • Quick access to specialized psychological-care (no waiting-lists).

  • No need for a referral letter of your GP or specialist.

  • Partial reimbursement through the health-care insurances.

  • Privacy your information will not be shared with the health-care insurance companies.

For more all details click here

Here below you will find the rates for psychological help at Carta Coaching & Integrative Psychotherapy for 2021. You do not need a referral letter of your GP or specialist in order to start with therapy. That means you can arrange your first intake session right away.


The amount of needed sessions varies from person to person, also based on the type of complaints you want to work on.  

Rates in 2024

Individual sessions

  • Introductory contact (via email): free of charge

  • Intake sessions (60 minutes, first session): € 150

  • Regular sessions (45-60 minutes varying on the method): € 125-150

Health care insurances and reimbursements

As a licensed NVPA therapist, the dutch professional association for specialized psychosocial therapy, my clients can get a refund of the sessions through their health-care insurances.

With an enhanced insurance the costs for sessions will be partly reimbursed.  The exact amount you will get reimbursed from your health-insurance depends from which specific enhanced insurance you have chosen.  You can figure this out by calling your health-care insurance, checking the app of your insurance or the following websites: and

You can also find me in the official database of the Dutch insurance companies .


Also important is to bare in mind I have no contracts with the health-insurance companies and that I have no BIG registration that means that my treatments will not be reimbursed from your basic package of the health insurance.

Exceptional cases:

- If you are a European student, don’t forget to inform yourself and figure out refund with your national health-care insurance. Also you’re entitled to a refund through your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), make sure you check out to whom you need to forward the bills to.

- If you are resident in another European country and working in The Netherlands you might get a refund as well through your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card).


Payment and invoicing

After the session you will get the invoice sent to your email-address from my accountancy-system This way you can pay the amount after the session through a bank-transfer.

Session cancellation and no-show policy

If you are unable to attend the session or want to cancel an appointment, you can do it until 48 hours prior to the session. After 48 hours the session will be charged.

Coaching: rates and refund


Individual sessions

  • Introductory contact (via email): free of charge

  • Intake session (60 minutes, first session): € 180 vat excl

  • Regular session (45 minuten): € 150 vat excluded


Business rates

  • Introductory contact (via email): free of charge

  • Intake session (60 min, first session): € 220 vat excl

  • Regular session (45 min): € 200 vat excluded


Business rates Executive Coaching

  • Executive/Management Intake session (60min, first session): €350 vat excl.

  • Executive/Management coaching regular session (45min): €300 vat excl.

Increasingly, employers and trade unions see the benefit of personal development for their staff. As a result, employees often have a coaching or education budget included in their CAO or their contract. This is a fixed amount which, in agreement with the employer, can be used every year for coaching or career counseling. Wondering if this also applies to you? Then contact your HR manager or take a look into your CAO.


Often Human Resources (HR) departments have a training or special budget at their disposal that can be spent on, among other things, coaching. Coaching is an effective way of personal and professional development and is often reimbursed by the employer.


For entrepreneurs, coaching is deductible from income, corporation and sales tax. Tax authorities do not describe everything equally extensively, so it is important to interpret the requirements yourself. Always check with your own accountant how the rules can be interpreted for your company.

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