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General conditions pertaining to the treatment agreement between Carta Coaching’s therapist and the client:

1. Before coming to the intake, client brings an official ID document with him/her. After the first introductory meeting or intake, if the client has agreed on a new date for a follow-up session, this is the start a treatment agreement itself. This treatment agreement will be put in writing.

2. The treatment agreement is twofold; a. The therapist and client enter into a therapeutic relationship for a period of time so a therapist-client relationship. b. The treatment relates to the request for help and treatment goals brought by and put forward by the client. These can be adjusted along the route and specified.


3. The agreement can be terminated in the following ways or by the following


a. Therapist and client jointly determine that no more sessions are needed;

b. Client indicates, verbally, in writing or via email, that he/she no longer wishes to arrange sessions;

c. The therapist indicates that he will no longer give sessions, orally, in writing or via email;

d. The client repeatedly fails to comply with the general terms of this treatment agreement or with agreements made between the client and the therapist during the sessions;

e. The therapist believes that due to the client's problem and the therapist's competence, the therapist is not able to guide the client. This is always the case when the problem is directly related to contraindications.


4. The agreement ends by operation of law if no session has been agreed for a period of more than two months after the last session, unless explicitly agreed otherwise between the therapist and client.


5. When accepting the agreement, an amount per session is agreed for a session. This is included in the treatment agreement. The client pays by bank transfer after the session, unless otherwise agreed.


Psychotherapy Tarif:                                      90euro ____ (45minutes)

Intake Psychotherapy Tarif:                         120euro _____ (1hour)

Psychotherapy partners sessions Tarif:  150euro____ (1hour) 

Coaching Tarif:                                                120euro excl. vat ____

Coaching through employer Tarif:             150euro  excl. vat ____


6. In addition to condition number 5, the minimum time for sessions with two people is one hour and a maximum seventy-five minutes.


7. If the conditions of paragraph 4 apply, a new agreement will come into effect with a possibly different hourly rate when a new appointment is made.


8. If unable to attend, an agreed session must be canceled 24 hours / one working day in advance. The therapist will charge for this missed session if the client does not cancel in time, regardless of the reason for cancellation. This also applies if, for whatever reason, the client does not arrive at the agreed time and day.


9. The therapist maintains a record of notes from the sessions and other relevant documents, which can be viewed by the client upon request. For a fee of 10 ct per page (part of) the file is copied. As of 1 January 2020, the file will be kept for a total of 20 years in accordance with the statutory retention period. There is also a right of inspection for family members. With regard to the care provider's duty to provide information, there is an addition: the focus will be on making decisions “together” about the treatment with the client.


10. The therapist adheres to her duty of confidentiality. Client data will only be passed on or communicated to third parties (doctors and other therapists) with the client’s explicit and written consent.


11. If the client, his GP or other practitioner requires a written report of the treatment process with the client, an invoice will be sent to the client. This invoice contains a maximum of one hour of work at the hourly rate of 89,65 euros for 2021 determined by the NZA (Dutch National health-care Authority).


12. The therapist is affiliated with the professional association of Specialized Psychosocial Therapy NVPA, Schema Therapy Association and Register VST, RBCZ and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy VGCt. The rules of this professional associations apply to the therapist. The client can report complaints about the therapist to this professional association The therapist is also registered in the HBO Register of Professional Practitioners Complementary Care (RBCZ). To submit a complaint to the Disciplinary Board, see


13. Client acts like a guest; he/she adheres to the rules of the hostess / host (the therapist). There is no smoking and no alcohol during a session. The costs of destruction of the therapist's property by the client will be recovered from the client. Any form of mistreatment of the therapist by the client will be reported to the police at all times.


14. Carta Coaching is not liable for any adverse consequences that have arisen because the client has provided incorrect or incomplete information, or because the client has not provided information that is known and available to him in the medical files of a doctor / specialist or other practitioner.


15. For complaints about the treatment, the client can turn to the P3NL for the right of complaint.


16. The client has read the privacy regulations of the Carta Coaching practice (which is stated on the website and the client agrees to these privacy regulations.


17. Carta Coaching is not liable for damage caused to the property of the client by parking on or entering the site on the Purperhoedenveem, nor for other damage caused by entering the practice, the hall and using the toilet.

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