Your Experiences

L. 🇳🇱

"Kracht, power, dat zijn de eerste woorden die in me opkomen.

Na vele jaren therapie bij goede psychoanalytici kwam ik bij Cristiana terecht. 
Mijn vraag was duidelijk, ik wilde handvatten hoe ik me in dit leven goed staande kan houden. Geen geanalyseer, maar met de voeten op de grond. 
Ik kreeg veel meer dan dat.

Met humor en veel plezier hebben we hard gewerkt, en dat bracht me tot I can do it myself. 💪"

G. 🇬🇧

“Carta Coaching is a gift to the city. The pathway I have been guided through has created a deep sense of self-awareness and understanding.


Cristiana is a unique practitioner gifted in her ability to communicate expert knowledge with an empathetic, real and open manner. Carta Coaching has taught me the tools and insight to find space and empowerment in my life.”

M. 🇮🇹

"Cristiana Carta is a very dedicated and passionate psychologist,  always very attentive to the patient's needs.

Extremely professional and kind, she really helped me throughout a very difficult moment of my life, I’m simply grateful that I’ve found her!"

W. 🇳🇱

"Cristiana is een doortastende, intelligente en creatieve psycholoog. Ze heeft me een hele persoonlijke benadering gegeven en gebruikte elementen uit verschillende behandelingstechnieken.


Hierdoor ontstond er al snel een persoonlijke vertrouwelijke band, met elke sessie een fijne balans tussen gevoel en praktische tips voor toepassing in de praktijk. "

L. 🇮🇹

"Cristiana is an incredible therapist, really well prepared and clear in her advice, explanation and support. However, one thing sets her out of the crowd of therapists I saw in the past: a deep passion for her work and a human approach second to no-one. She doesn't see her patients as insurance numbers like everyone else in The Netherlands (and I have seen plenty before finding her).


She will go all lengths to assist her patients with an empathy and humanity that really makes a difference. She helped me in the darkest moment of my life and I owe it to her for being able now to fully enjoy my life again."

A. 🇪🇺

"I had a great experience working with Cristiana! She always created a safe space for me to open up, she picked up on issues I wasn’t aware about myself and she has great resources like recommendable books and tools to use for assignments or behavioral experiments. Best of all, she unlocked my vocabulary of words to express myself and taught me to feel ok with using it. Thanks for everything!”

N. 🇮🇹

"Cristiana is a professional, respectful therapist and a great sparring partner. She has helped me with getting in touch with my core needs, gaining clarity on my ways of thinking and behaving, and developing healthy, adult ways to approach issues while staying true to myself. I would definitely recommend Cristiana's practice to whoever wants to win over self-defeating patterns.”

C. 🇮🇹

"Cristiana over the years taught me how Schema therapy works and how to use it properly.  She provided powerful tools for being more present, focused and to properly take care of myself.

She has a lot of passion, empathy and she always walked extra miles to facilitate my growth.


I am really thankful to her and to the way she helped me to become a better version of the person I am.
I will always refer and recommend her for further therapy cycles, coaching, retreats, advice and consultancies."

N. 🇨🇦

"My experience with Cristiana and Carta Coaching can be described as transformational.  With a very practical and caring approach, I found it to be the perfect balance between gaining more knowledge and developing better practices. 


In one year, I was able to develop so much more self-compassion and healthy adult practices than I have from years of CBT with other therapists in the past. I would highly recommend schematherapy with Cristiana to anyone who is ready for a transformation in their life. "

N. 🇮🇹

"A serious and empathetic professional, Cristiana is a skilled therapist whom you can easily communicate with. She helped me regain self-esteem, trust in myself, and the motivation to pursue my goals during one of the toughest moments in my life.


With a respectful and human approach, she guided me through a personalized therapeutic path based on Schema Focused Therapy, providing me with the right tools to look into my feelings, accept and heal my wounded parts and become again the best version of myself.''

M. 🇬🇧

"The many months working with Cristiana have been life-changing. Every session provided insight, challenges, development, and healing.


To think where I was two years ago, to how I am now is incredible. I feel much happier, more empowered, understand myself far better, and have the behavioural tools necessary to keep myself healthy in future.


Grazie mille Cristiana, I cannot thank you enough. "

S. 🇨🇦

"Cristiana is both incredibly empathetic and insightful. It was my first time consulting a therapist and I came with somewhat vague and unclear concerns.


Cristiana was very adept at exploring these with me and able to sharply discern issues and patterns to provide lessons and tools for me to deal with recurring patterns of behaviour that I hadn’t been very aware of myself.


The sessions I had with Cristiana left me better equipped to deal with what life may bring me. She was always receptive to me asking her to explain a topic or concept further.

Beyond her professional skills, she is extremely kind, sincere, and a pleasure to talk with."