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Online Lab

The outbreak of COVID-19 is turning the reality we knew in a totally different one. 


Many of us are struggling with feelings of fear, anxiety; worries and negative thoughts but also deeper human existential topics like loneliness, fear for death, abandonment. 


As a person and a psychologist I want to do my part in this fight and share my knowledge and psychotherapeutic skills to support you and provide you with some tools and resources (we have within ourselves) to cope with the actual situation. 

Webinar 1 "Inner resources"

March 20th 2020

How to answer the daily unconscious dilemma: Going for FEAR-driven choices  or CONFIDENCE-based ones?

In this webinar I’ll address this question and you will get to know about the neurophysiological functioning of the Nervous System, its effects on mood, stress levels and immune-system.

Also you will learn how you can influence your Nervous System while increasing your well-being.


Bonus experience: A guided imagination-based exercise.