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Over 200 minutes of exercises


After over 12 years of clinical experience, having been trained in different forms of Psychology, Psychotherapy and contemplative disciplines as Mindfulness, YinYoga etc.


I've decided to record and collect all exercises that you can practice on your own and release them in this one practical toolkit. The main purpose is to support you, throughout your therapy path or not, or even after having concluded that and maintaining the results you achieved.


Self-regulation, Self-Compassion, managing anxiety, well-being, resilience, more awareness, relaxation and better sleep are the effects you can benefit of these practices.


All the tools are based on evidence based protocols and practices that have been researched and found effective.


A quick accessible set of resources that you can practice on your own, deciding when and where.




  • Grounding (laying version) - 13 min
  • Grounding (sitting version) - 14 min
  • Being a compassionate mess - 14 min
  • Jacobson Progressive Muscle relaxation - 17 min
  • Practicing Walk Meditation, A Description - 2 min
  • Walk Meditation (short version) - 12 min
  • Walk Meditation - 20 min
  • Compassionate Body-scan - 33 min
  • Self-compassionate check-in -   8 min
  • Self-compassionate right away - 10 min
  • Safe Place through imagery - 18 min
  • Fearless through the storm - 15 min
  • Resilience through imagery - 16 min
  • Vagus Nerve Reset - 9 min

Carta Coaching Toolkit

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